Kasih Halva Tahini 450g halawa
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Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm
Kasih Halawa
The sweetness industry in Jordan is associated with the name of the Kasih family, where our grandfather, the late founder Hajj Raslan Kasih, established the first halawa and tahini factory in Amman in 1926. Our late father Hajj Muhammad Adnan Kasih continued in his fathers footsteps in developing this industry and established in 1998 AD a group of Kasih factories for foodstuffs that It is the largest and most modern factory specialized in the field of tahini, halva and sesame.
Today, we continue our efforts in developing, modernizing, succeeding and continuing to enhance the competitive situation in all global markets by maintaining the quality of our products, meeting the needs and desires of our customers, using modern scientific methods in research and development, and providing new and varied products to satisfy all tastes and meet all needs.
Since its establishment in 1926, the Kasih Factories Group of Foodstuffs has grown steadily from a modest family company aiming to deliver tahini and halva to the Jordanian market, until it has become a famous brand all over the world, known in the tahini industry and halva. And in record time, the company recorded remarkable growth and exceeded all expectations due to a number of important and interrelated factors: our customers, our employees, our manufacturing experience, and the international companies we cooperate with.